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Please remember we are looking to buy collections of U.S. early issues, Postal History (old envelopes) especially Idaho, World Wide collections and old picture postcards (pre 1930).

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Stamp Collecting Terms and Meanings
From the Ultimate Stamp Resource

Stamp Collecting Fun
A Beginnerís Guide to Stamp Collecting

Stamp Collecting and Philately for Adults and Kids Alike
For over a century and a half, the study and collection of stamps has become a much-enjoyed hobby around the world. It is fairly easy to get started and can provide a lifetime of learning and fun. Before getting started, it is important to know the differences between stamp collecting and philately.

The Ultimate Guide to Stamp Collecting
The Humble Beginnings of Stamp Collecting.
According to various records, the hobby of stamp collecting began almost as soon as the first stamps were released. The first adhesive postage stamp was printed in the United Kingdom in 1840, and is known as the Penny Black.

U.S. Stamps "1847 USA" Knowledge Is Power
Although 1847usa is an identification site and does not provide stamp values, you are probably wondering how much your stamp is worth. The first stop for most collectors is to look up the value in the Scott Catalogue, see Linn's Stamp News for more. Bear in mind that the values provided by the Scott Catalogue are prices dealers ask for nicely centered sound stamps. Prices for stamps with small flaws or less than ideal centering will sell for much less. Selling your stamps will only bring you a percent of Scott value such as 40%.

The Virtual Stamp Club
The VSC is a stamp club for those of us online.

Stamp Collecting - Rubber Stamps, Philately & More!
What Is Philately?
Philately refers to the study of stamps and stamp materials. These include the history of stamps and postal history as well as the evolution of tools related to stamp collecting. Stamp identification and stamp production are also referenced in philately. The process of stamp production involves everything from stamp design to printing to distributing throughout post offices across the country. A person who studies philately not only gains knowledge about the different kinds of stamps but also gains valuable insight in regards to how stamps are created, produced, and distributed.