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Boise, Idaho

Please remember we are looking to buy collections of U.S. early issues, Postal History (old envelopes) especially Idaho, World Wide collections and old picture postcards (pre 1930).

If you have questions please contacts us at or call us at 208 384-1400.

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Philatelic Bibliopole
Leonard H. Hartmann
The PB has dealt in authoritative philatelic books and literature since 1965. New books are stocked from over 100 publishers with emphasis on: US Stamps and Postal History, CSA, Maritime, Fakes & Bogus, Bibliographies, GB and the Empire in addition to Classic Stamps. We maintain a stock of out of print books, along these lines, from the constant purchase of major philatelic libraries. Yes, we actually stock the books, no drop ship! Sorry, we do not stock annual catalogs or printed albums such as: Scott, Gibbons, Michel, Yvert, etc.