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Please remember we are looking to buy collections of U.S. early issues, Postal History (old envelopes) especially Idaho, World Wide collections and old picture postcards (pre 1930).

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This web site is designed to introduce and illustrate the many aspects of philately in Christchurch.
Christchurch has had a strong history of stamp collecting going back to the early days of organised philately in the 19th Century and continues to this day to be in the forefront of organised philately in New Zealand. Indeed Christchurch facilities for the hobby are probably un-paralleled in any city in the world. To select those aspects of philately you are interested in click on the various links below.

The International Society for Japanese Philately
The Society is non-political and non-commercial with one objective: to promote intelligent interest in the philately and postal history of Japan and former Japanese colonies (Korea, Sakhalin [Karafuto], Taiwan), territories (Kwantung, the South Manchurian Railway Zone, and the mandated Caroline, Mariana, and Marshall Islands), and occupied areas (China and Southeast Asia), including Manchoukuo, the Ryukyu Islands, Japanese seapost offices and other civilian and military post offices abroad, and foreign post offices in Japan.

Great Britain Philatelic Society
Welcome to the GBPS www pages. The society was formed in 1955 by a small but enthusiastic group of GB stamp collectors, since then it has grown steadily both in the UK and world-wide to over 700 members.
One of the society's primary objectives is "to promote, encourage, and contribute to the advancement of philately of Great Britain". The GBPS therefore covers all aspects of GB philately: postal history back through the ages; postal stationery; booklets; college stamps; philatelic conservation and postage stamps.